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Latest News on School Re-opening in August

Dear OSSD Community,
The VT Agency of Education released its guidance relative to the re-opening of schools in the fall on June 17th with the expectation that students will be back in school this September.  The requirements are quite extensive and will require significant planning to ensure all components are tailored to our specific schools and are properly in place to provide a safe return for students.  Three representative teams are already at work developing recommendations: 1) a remote learning team, 2) an elementary team, and 3) a middle-high-RTCC school team. 

On July 9th, the recommendations of those teams will be presented/provided to the administrative cabinet who will develop them into a cohesive district wide plan.  Once that plan is complete, the district will begin a mass communication effort to students, families and the greater community to make sure everyone is up to speed on the requirements so that we start the year in full compliance.  I expect that communication effort to being the first week of August.

Please remember that a lot can change over the next eight weeks, so the plan will allow for shifting to happen between in-school education and remote learning as needed.  There are still many questions that need to be answered that this process will provide clarity to and which we will be able to answer at its conclusion.

It’s been a long few months for us all, I’m hoping that next week everyone is able to take some time off to focus on family and recuperation before we start gearing up again on July 9th for the tremendous work ahead.  In the long run - hopefully before the end of the 2020-21 school year - “this too shall pass.”